septiembre 19, 2019
junio 14, 2019
junio 4, 2019

Displaced in Media Recipe Book

enero 22, 2019


Displaced in Media is a project devoted to foster the participation of young migrants and refugees in the media spheres of European societies to include their voices, desires and hopes into the general streams of mainstream media. Displaced in Media is a collaborative infrastructure that supports the training of a new generation of young citizen […]

Water Log (first chapters)

octubre 2, 2018


Agujeros de gusano

julio 6, 2018


En la misma avenida -Commonwealth- en la que llevaba viviendo unos cuantos años, descubrieron una mañana que había un agujero de gusano. Y, aunque eso le sonaba vagamente a caja de zapatos, a hojas de morera,  a capullos en un recreo de EGB, el caso es que en el número 1286, encontraron una interrupción del […]

If you think you are too old for Rock & Roll…

mayo 10, 2018


(Romance Language Undergraduates Anual Award Speech. May 7th , 2018).   Ladies and gentlemen, graduates, families, friends, faculty and members of the Boston College Community, I feel truly honored to be standing here today in front of such an exciting and excited audience in order to celebrate the Annual RLL Undergraduate Awards Ceremony with all […]

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