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The Displaced in Media Recipe Book

A project devoted to foster the participation of young migrants and refugees in the media spheres of European societies to include their voices, desires and hopes into the general streams of mainstream media. Displaced in Media is a collaborative infrastructure that supports the training of a new generation of young citizen journalists drawn from Europe’s refugee and migrant diasporas. This project answers to the believe that refugees and migrants need to be participants in -rather than subjects of- public debate; this project has created an architecture to let refugees and migrants create the media images of their own. The project encourages active citizenship, combats segregation and discrimination and promotes the integration of migrants and refugees.

The Video Recipes have been developed by ZEMOS98, together with Óscar Clemente(direction), Improvistos (illustrations), Hugo Clemente (script) and Kiko Romero (editing).




The Blinking Island

Documentary. (2016). 26 min.

Director: Diego Borges

Screenplay: Hugo Clemente


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